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Today, in the park, there was a large group of dogs playing.

And, as per every morning, the coffee shops in the park get their water delivery. The majority of the time, since the delivery trucks are literally driving through the park, with pedestrians, they drive at a slow crawl. 

Today though, a couple of dickheads were flying through there at close to 20mph in their delivery van. On their way through, I motioned at them to slow down because dogs were there. But, on the way back, as expected, they came flying through again, so I leashed my dog up and motioned at them again.

They stopped the van, and put it in reverse…

Opened the door.

I unzipped my big, heavy, fur jacket in case I needed to be mobile with my hands and arms…

And naturally, I yelled at them in English to which they just looked bewildered and drove off.

My girl wasn’t very happy at me, and informed me that one day I’m going to get punched in the face for talking to people this way.

The funny thing is…

Is that she, or any other woman for that matter, likely, doesn’t realize that I (and most men who are actively willing to do something like that) are totally and utterly prepared for that if it comes to it.

I would rather take a punch to the face than let my dog (or really, any of the dogs in our little group) get run over by a van.

A black eye is no big deal, but a dog’s life, or — heaven forbid — a small child’s life…you can’t get that back.

And yes, there are always children playing in the park, too…

It was worth the (unlikely) risk of getting punched in the face (that’s if they beat me to it even) if it means that the driver, next time he’s in the park, even thinks about it for one possible second that he should slow down.

I figure it’s less than a 50% chance that they actually stop and acknowledge me (they did).

And, if they stop, it’s probably less than a 20% chance they actually get out of the car (they didn’t), so less than 10% overall.

And probably 10% or less of a chance they actually get out of the car and fight (they didn’t), so less than 5% overall.

(This isn’t the first time I’ve done this so I have run through these scenarios).

And, if they were to actually run over and kill my dog, then there’s a 100% chance I’m probably going to jail when I’m done with that…and then the dog’s dead, too…

I like those stats.

I could never live myself if one of the dogs were to get run over.

The real irony of this all:

Is that it would likely get a better reaction, and there would be zero risk of a fight, if the women in the dog group were to stop these guys and yell at them. The guys aren’t gonna punch them, they’d actually understand the language, and they’d be so mad that women had the gall to tell them off that the lesson actually would stick.

And, more to the point…

If something were to happen, obviously the women would be far more devastated, but their natural urge to avoid conflict (because they’re the weaker sex) tends to make them upset at you in the moment where you are just defending your own.

It’s a situation you can’t win, and it’s just one you have to live with and accept.

Accept that you will be shamed in the moment, but if something bad were to happen, the shame would be worse, and if you stop something bad from happening, you likely won’t be recognized as the hero.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do realize, a speeding car is small in the scheme of things, but apply it to larger things, such as an active shooter. Plenty of women lobby for anti-gun laws, but when it comes down to it, they’re going to crouch and hide behind a man and let him take the bullet while still saying that conceal carry should be banned.

Your woman will always expect you to fight in the moment if it comes down to it. 

While also shaming you for standing up and potentially causing one.


I won’t lie, the driving scene is one thing that is WORSE in almost every country but America.

It’s not fun to have to constantly worry about whether you and your dog might get mowed down as you cross the street.

It’s one of those many tradeoffs you make when you make a move abroad.

Most of the time it’s groovy, but sometimes there’s shyt that just makes you mad.

Anyways, in the “Actually Abroad” mastermind, we’re all about being honest and getting through this kind of stuff, and adopting to new cultures — together.

To learn more about it, hit the link below:

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