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Let me tell you a story:

When I was working the corporate job, or going to college, and in relationships, I didn’t really have a purpose in life. It was just a matter of showing up to collect a paycheck, or in the case of college, to make sure I was passing with flying Cs.

Do you feel the same?

A lot of modern men do.

Being back in the United States for just a few short days has already shown me that.

Take, for example, when I walked down to the local pub for a pint on a hot, 90 degree day this last Thursday. After working all day at my own business, and hitting the gym, I decided I’d take the lady to a little suburbia pub and let her see the best(?) the USA has to offer.

And what I found disturbed me.

At least 20 or so guys, all in the typical bad office fashion outfit of khakis, polos, and New Balance sneakers, at 5pm, gathered around a table drinking craft IPAs, ogling at the waitresses, and just generally…sad.

If that’s what you have to look forward to in life, I can’t imagine living said life.

And you know what happened to me when I was like that?

Those relationships I had that were longer-term…well, they didn’t work.

Why you ask?


Because I didn’t have a Mission I was working towards in life.

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