You should probably do cocaine, often

A few days ago, I sent an email about that trip to Colombia which was what pushed me over the edge to quit my job and get abroad.

The story I never have told often?

The coke in the club.

I’ll never forget it, and no, it’s not because I’m some cocaine addict.

Anyways, Barranquilla, Colombia. A shithole, even by South American standards. That says all ya need to know.

I’m at the club, partying with my two friends. My mind was already made up. I knew I’d be going back to LA and making plans to move.

You’ll never guess what happened next (or maybe you can).

My friend, drunk off his ass at this point, just says to me, “Hey bro, I’m going to go do coke in the bathroom. You’re welcome to join me.”

It blew my mind. Here’s why:

The fact that despite the fact that Colombia was dangerous in it’s own right, it made me realize what FREEDOM was. The fact that you could literally just walk into a random bathroom in a random club in a random city, and go do a line of cocaine.

It shocked me.

I also (still) don’t understand how people managed to blatantly sneak that much cocaine past the armed doormen. Maybe sharing is caring.

And you want to know something?

I’d never done coke in my life. In fact, the only drugs I’d ever done was to eat a weed brownie.

But here I was. In Colombia for the first time. Planning on going home and quitting my job.

I mean, if there was EVER a time to have a new experience, this would have been it. To really announce my freedom away from the shackles of what American life had always told me I was supposed to live.

I turned back to my friend:

And I’ll tell you what I said…tomorrow.

In the meantime though, Bang Black Friday is back this year. This deal originally was put together with those same friends in Colombia two years ago.

No comment about whether we came up with it while in that club.

To see what’s on the bathroom counter this year, go here:

Keep causing Trouble,



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