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A reader who I met in Ukraine last year had a few things to chime in about one of my recent emails…


Flash forward to the past few years.

While I am still pretty fucked up, my personal view of myself has changed dramatically.

My ventures into Ukraine were a bit foolish and premature for where my head was. You observed that which I appreciate. You saw in me something I did not.

I was in pain and was too eager to meet someone different.

As a result, I started down paths without a clear definition of why I was doing it. I was bleeding from an artery and was trying to find a Band Aid.

As a result, I blew a lot of money and have nothing to show for it other than another disappointment, and emptier bank accounts.

What I do know is change must happen.


This reader has made huge strides in his life since then, and I couldn’t be happier for him. That said, his situation is bad for Americans as a whole.

When a normal, nice guy needs all sorts of “game” and “tactics” and “strategies” to just meet a normal girl…

That’s a problem.

Fortunately, that problem can (mostly) be solved by doing something as crazy as moving to another country, but Yours Trouble also realizes that isn’t feasible for everybody to do.

That said…

If you are in the West, and cannot get out of it…

You might as well play the game.

It can be a lot of fun.

I teach you how to play the game on God-mode inside “King’s Code”, which is my book about how to get your dating life together, tailored to the Western world.

It teaches you the power of CHOICE.

And abundance.

To get access to this, for 75% off the normal price, click the link below before 3pm EST today when the sale is done.

Hurry up:

Kyle Trouble

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