Women lie, people lie, snowflakes cry



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Recently, a reader chimed in and said this…

Which stuck out to me, because it’s sad in a way, but it’s also kind of true.

Read on:

“There is always the good the bad and the ugly wherever you go. 

But of the similar traits I found common in all of them, without exception are: they lie, they lie, they cheat, they lie. 

You can trust them 100% in one thing … they will do whatever, or whoever, whenever they want and then lie about it as naturally as if they had been lying ever since they learned to talk, .. because they have. 

The other trait is a deep rooted belief that all men are basically “pendejos y pinche cobrones” and deserve to be used and exploited without remorse. Columbian women tend to play with your romantic emotions. 

They way the come on it’s hard to belive they are not head over heels in love with you. 

Don’t fall for it. 

Almost all of them will burst out into tears when you leave. 

Thanks for reading and good luck out there.”

I mean, I’ve always said, trust women to be women, don’t trust beyond that.

However, that’s really true for just about any person, it’s not limited to just chicas.

Once you figure out who someone is, you can usually trust them to adhere to whatever their own moral code is.

And in women’s case, it’s a biological reaction to cry, or to play with your emotions, when it suits their own personal survival. And really, you can hardly blame them for that, it is survival we’re talking about here.

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