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In February of this year, I sat down and wrote 10,000 words in one day for my new book. I’d tentatively planned to call it ‘Fallen’.

My intention was for it to summarize my entire “journey” from 21-year-old-sexless-dweeb and then onwards to 25 – living abroad and having my pick of girls.

I wrote those 10,000 words and thought I was nearly done with it (it made it 70,000 total). I figured a few more weeks of a thousand or so words a day and it’d be a wrap.

And I haven’t touched it since February.

The reason for this is because I just didn’t feel like my “journey” was complete. You see, I wanted to make Fallen about how far men have come down in society, and how one needs to get all his shit together in order to really “make it”.

I just realized I needed to live a bit more (a lot) before I could put the finishing touches on that book. There were things I still needed to figure out. Experiences to be had, and mistakes to be made.

But now as this year comes to a close (it is December 1st, after all!) I realize that the ”journey” will NEVER be done. And it won’t be for you, either. There is always something new to tackle. Another mountain to climb. It is simply how we are wired as men. There is no end to the mountains we will climb.

We are only happy, fulfilled, and content when we are climbing. The view from the top can be cherished, but only temporarily.

I don’t know if there is a “fix” for this. But maybe it’s not a curse, to begin with. Perhaps it is just how we’re wired. Perhaps this book shouldn’t be about how men have fallen, but how men can never stop climbing.

Maybe it’s time I summon the courage and finish this book, with the understanding that my journey will never truly end.

Hopefully I can get this put out to you sometime in the beginning of next year.

But, that’s not all:

I wrote King’s Code in one 15 hour day, and it’s received rave feedback to the tune of a 5-star average review on Amazon.

And it’s ninety-nine cents (thrift shop yo) for this weekend.

So if you can’t wait for Fallen, entertain yourself in the meantime.

Get it here.

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  1. Kyle,

    This post is right on. When I was still living in the USA, I used to tell people that I was happy as long as I felt I was making progress in my life. It didn’t matter where I was in life, if I didn’t feel like I was moving forward, I just didn’t feel good about myself. People didn’t understand what I was talking about. I had a good job, a house, a wife and a kid. Why was I still busting my ass? Why was I working a side business and working out when I could be sitting in front of the TV with a beer after work?

    Now that I got the hell out of the USA, people completely understand where I am coming from. The problem wasn’t me. Most of the world still seems to understand that men are supposed to keep striving and pushing to improve themselves. The problem is the culture in the USA. It is poisonous for any male who wants to be a man. I encourage any guys who want to reach their potential to get outta there as fast as they can.

    1. Depressing, but awesome that you have broken out of it. Been a pleasure working with you on the ProNicheSite.com course, truly.

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