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A member inside of “Actually Abroad” recently wrote this out to me, which talks about the “PPL” sites in regards to online dating.

“PPL” typically means Pay For Letter, and they’re generally a complete waste of time and moey.

Here’s his email:

Point one.

It is a needle in a haystack on the PPL sites. Avoid them at all costs. The woman will say “it is more convenient for me to communicate with you on XYZ site.” That is plain bullshit.

Viber, Skype and others automatically translate, and have video too!

Point two.

Hire your own translator if you need one.

A good one will run $10-15 per hour while the PPL sites will charge $25 per hour or $300 per day. http://www.go2ua.com is just one place.

Point three.

Uber works great in Ukraine. I used them exclusively including an unfortunate one from Kiev to Odessa. That driver was happy, but his wife was not. LOL. Never allow her to book the car.

Point four.

You pick the restaurants. After all, you are on vacation to meet a great woman. Make it special and pick a place she won’t be able to go on her own. It is still cheap compared to most US cities for a great meal.

My experience in both Kiev and Odessa proved that you should scope out the restaurants via Trip advisor or other sites in advance.

And really, I couldn’t agree more…

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Here’s the link:


Keep causing trouble,

Kyle Trouble

PS: It is worth noting…

There is always, and I mean always, a huge difference in the mindset of people who are dating online when they know you are actually in their city, even if only for a little bit, versus when they are typing to you from the other side of the world.

There can be real repercussions for a girl.

She thinks you’re some rich foreign guy…

But if you’re in her country and in her city, what’s to stop you from taking that money and hiring someone to track her down after she scams you?

The answer: Nothing.

So, just your mere presence on the ground is enough sometimes to make girls be a bit more genuine with you…

Granted, if you start writing her from abroad and then go strictly to visit her, she knows you’re willing to do almost anything for her and are unlikely to enact retaliation…

Anyways, that’s my final $0.02.

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