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Today’s question is a bit wordy, but an interesting take on the whole, “What makes a 10 a 10?” debate that men have been having for decades.


Hey Kyle,

Wanted to make a personal observation from your last write-up here.

I would challenge what you said a little bit but not much.

Most women feel some need to enhance their appearance and they blame that on us and themselves. But how does one tell a 9 or 10 who is naturally beautiful from one made up? You have to see them without their make-up and how often/when they apply it. This is critical because even most 10’s will put on make-up. But the amount of enhancement is all about the level of their insecurity! A 10 who puts on a lot of make-up is insecure that she is a 10. A 10 who puts on nothing but just washes her face is supremely confident.

Similarly, a real 7 who looks like a 9 made up, feels very insecure. A 7 who just looks clean, is very secure in who she is. So make-up can be seen as enhancing your appearance to get attention…or a sign to the world of your level of insecurity. I am including physical enhancements, even some clothing and jewelry — but simple style is more elegant than a fairy godmother dress for a ball. This means Cinderella was extremely insecure even though she may have been truly a 10.

So how do we apply this to girls we meet? I’m as guilty as the next guy wanting my date to look like a 10 regardless of whether she is a 10 or a 7. But if my date is a real 10, she is more secure and probably happy vs a 7 who is insecure and will lie to me because she doesn’t want me to see her real appearance… So it’s not just happiness, it also becomes how much you can trust her.

Your thoughts?


First off, the whole part about women blaming men for making them wear make up and whatnot is silly.

As I’ve been preaching for years and years:

Men are attracted to physical looks first and foremost…

…and women are not (to them, other things matter like power, charisma, $, etc.)

More to the point:

A man works on his career and saves money to buy a fancy car to impress girls. And a woman works on her physical aspects to impress a man. This is the way it has been since the dawn of time.

So, I guess what this reader is saying is that women who wear more makeup are more insecure. And that a 7 who wears her face like a birthday cake (of makeup) is someone who is not to be trusted.

Well, I think I have to say this:

I don’t agree with it at all.

I’d say a 7 who puts tasteful makeup on to impress a man is just a smart girl who wants to put her best foot forward. Are you going to hold that against a girl? Making an effort into her appearance for you?

That seems quite contradictory, considering plenty of us complain that girls don’t wear heels anymore and dress like slobs.

You gotta pick one side or the other.

Personally, I’ll take the 7 who can dress up to the 9s versus the 7 who is too lazy to care.


There is certainly an argument that a girl who is a “10” is simply going to be harder to hold on to. Even if you’re a celebrity millionaire, she’s going to be in the presence of other celebrity millionaires. There is always going to be temptation, temptation, temptation. And she’ll have been so fawned on for the majority of her life, you must at least consider what her long-term attitude will be.

You can easily make the argument that a more plain 7 would be a better wife and mother than the supermodel 10.

There are 10 gazillion+ different variables that go into each situation though, and I wouldn’t recommend thinking yourself to death about them.

On to the pitch:

If you want to get the best girls from overseas, where even the 8s and 9s are relatively modest and polite people because of the way they’ve been raised, you owe it to yourself to check out “DatingAbroad.net”:


Keep causing Trouble,

Kyle Trouble

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