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Girl on The Bachelor last night right before she got eliminated…

“I’m an attorney, of course he should pick me, the other girls left are all young, like little babies”

Poor girl.

She’s nearly 30 and still has no idea what men actually want in a woman.

First, for kicks:

Let’s discuss the inevitable emails I’m going to get in response, asking why I watch The Bachelor.

I watch it because it’s hysterical, there’s tons of male/female dynamics at play, and because it makes fantastic content fodder for emails and blog posts. It’s really as simple as that.

As far as lessons, think about it:

You can instantly see the differences between what happens when a group of women are put together to compete for one man (The Bachelor), and what happens when a group of men are put together to compete for one woman (The Bachelorette). You also get to see all sorts of dynamics at play when you watch the Paradise version where they stick a bunch of people on an island for a few weeks and get them hammered drunk 24/7.

Tons of lessons all around.

(Not that I would actually recommend picking up the hobby of watching it, but it’s how I hamster-rationalize it to myself…)

Anyways, back to the point of this:

Women and their careers.

I’ve got a theory that men don’t actually care if a woman makes more than her, but by nature, because these women tend to be a bit more masculine, driven, and likely with some attitude to boot, they simply tend to avoid them.

Look at this way:

What man wants a woman who argues and nitpicks details for a living?

Or better yet, if she’s a heart surgeon…

What man wants a woman who has to be on call 24/7 and leave his home and children unattended?

It’s not the money that’s “intimidating”, it’s just that it comes with a whole lot of baggage that men just don’t want to deal with.

Not to mention, the women in these situations also know…they married *down*.

And women, don’t do that, no no my friends…

Women, by their very nature, try to marry up in society, simply because there’s very little that they can do to improve themselves. Their assets are God-given. Men must make themselves. A woman cannot double her value unless she’s obese and loses a few hundo pounds. She’s stuck where she is based off of she’s born with. Hence, her way to “get ahead” in life is to marry up.

This is how it has worked for many hundreds of years, and personally, me thinks it’s not changing anytime in the near future.


Women in the West have it all wrong, and there’s no better way to put it.

They think careers make them, and in reality, they need to take what nature gave them and make babies with it.

Thankfully, women in other parts of the world haven’t taken on this attitude yet, which is why I created “Actually Abroad”, a group designed to help men get to parts of the world where the women are better.

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