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Something happened in my life recently that really surprised me.

Let me give you a quick TL;DR:

I had a potential opportunity to do the whole digital nomad thing again. You know, traveling the world, moving every month, tons of new experiences, etc.

And while I’ve still got several trips planned for this year, something took me aback when I was considering moving out of this city for at least a year or two.

I didn’t want to.

Not because I like the city so much (I do, usually), or because of the good blend of price and Western amenities.

But because I like my friends.

And really, this has never been something that’s stopped me. I packed up and left my friends in San Diego. And I did it again when I left Los Angeles (and all my family in that case, too).

For some reason or another, this one was different.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all the nomadic and party types I’ve met on the road over the past few years. Many of them I keep in touch with regularly, and we meet up when we can. I would go to war with them, and them for me.

But the community here is special.

I have basketball and softball teams I play on.

I have people to go bet on horse races with me.

The natural way my life has gone for the past few years met that many of my friendships were sporadic in nature. We were friends only for as long as both of us were single and ready to party.

And, I guess as I went through this part of life, I forgot what it was like to have the sense of community around you.

It wasn’t something I was ready to leave.

Speaking of community, I’m continuing to build the community of men who want to get abroad, date better girls, and live life however they want.

Whether that means playing the field for a long time.

Or settling down.

Or just, really — living the life the way you fucking want to.

All of it’s contained in DA-net, so sign up here:


Keep causing Trouble,

Kyle Trouble

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