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D Rodriguez on YouTube writes on my video about the cost of living in Los Angeles:


You mentioned Compton.. like if your so rich.. I guarantee if you where to BUY.. you would struggle to even find something affordable in Compton.. Rent is always going up.. my “Compton mortgage will never go up.. maybe later I’ll rent you my house for 3000 when you can’t afford SANTA Monica rent anymore.. my point, cause you RENT in SANTA Monica don’t sound like such a douche..


What a hater.

Sounds like someone is bad I had a sweet apartment at the beach and didn’t have to worry about getting shanked while walking down the street.


You’re not “your”

Were not “where”

*shakes head8

He also missed the point of the video, which was a comprehensive overview of all my dating costs in Los Angeles. Not comparing Santa Monica to Compton — because, frankly, there isn’t any comparison at all.

The point is:

What is worth what, to YOU?

When it comes to online business, you can spend as much or as little as you’d like on tools and resources. And in most cases, you do get what you pay for. Tools that cost a small fortune tend to have a fortune of options, too.

And many “solopreneurs” or small companies don’t really need all that.

I’ve tried them all. Clickfunnels. Leadpages. VWO. Every conversion tracking program and setup possible. I’ve spent more than I’d care to admit.

You know what I realize most people (myself included) need?


Enough to get the job done, but simple enough that it can actually be managed by one person in-house; whether it’s you or a virtual assistant.


If you spend a fortune on those expensive tools, but still have a steep learning curve and can’t outsource it, guess what happens to those tools. Yup, they never, ever get used. Then you end up just pissing away money for no good reason other than to say that you have those tools.

Whereas, if you keep it simple to manage with a small amount of time a week…

And can still keep improving your bottom line…

Which allows you to eventually hire out someone who specializes in whatever you might need at that moment…

Everybody is happier. Especially your wallet.

That’s why I’ve ditched almost all of those fancy tools and moved everything to the Thrive Themes package. I’ve got their stuff on almost 30 websites, and am adding to that portfolio every day.

And their new Optimize program works as good as the expensive options, but is much more simple.

So, if you are overwhelmed with the current situation your online business finds itself in, and are trying to get a grip on A/B testing without breaking the bank (or your brain), check them out.

No ifs or buts.

It’s simple.

Get the details from Thrive themselves here:


Keep causing Trouble,

Kyle Trouble

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