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A reader writes in to share some thoughts about King’s Code:

“It’s fire. I can tell from reading the first few lines. Described with true G style.

It got me thinking.

I know it’s probably beta behaviour to ask if this is acceptable or not, I don’t wanna miss the point, but… for the sake of the discussion I will say this.

That I, too, don’t care about the girl coming or not, although I think of it during sex.

I don’t want them to think of me being weak and too horny to handle them, but I get aroused fast and I don’t last more than a few minutes the first time. The second time is drastically better and normally in this phase I can take her to multiple orgasms and lots of times I’d listen to them rant about how I take too long.

I don’t say that in a bragging manner, it’s more like a problem I’m trying to fix if there’s a solution at all and if that’s even an undesired problem.

Based of what I know about the red pill, I presume I should keep on doing it. And don’t think even a moment about how long I will last say, the first time. As long as I can make her enjoy the entire process and make her cum (one or ten times) it doesn’t matter how long I can last.

I guess I answered my question within my question and now I am seeking only approval. But what if we all need some sort of approval from time to time?”

The best words of wisdom about this I can give is this:

When you’re in bed, stop thinking with your head.

Let me tell a personal story that is probably way too much detail, but will illustrate the point perfectly.

Once, long ago, I had an issue with a girlfriend. I couldn’t keep it up. It happened once, when I was absolutely hammered drunk. I went soft inside her, she probably gave me some flak (dump any girl who does this, btw). I went to sleep and thought all was well.

Until the next day, when I was stone cold sober and it didn’t really work all that well…again.

It continued to happen for a week.

I’d start out just fine, and then I’d just lose it. I couldn’t stop thinking about the issues I’d had, overthought with my big head, and it was affecting the little head downstairs, too.


That’s EXACTLY what thinking too much during sex does to you as a guy.

It screws you up big time.

If you think about it, sex is an animalistic act of passion. It’s supposed to be done in a way that you’re left breathless after with nothing but a blur of bodily fluids. That’s the best sex that we all remember.

It’s the same reason that a girl can’t have an orgasm if she thinks too much. If a guy thinks too much, the sex becomes more robotic and generally just not as passionate as it could have been.

= Worse sex for her.

So, this reader is dead right.

He should just keep doing exactly what he damn well pleases in bed.

Whether that’s a 10 second or 10 hour romp.

But, how to do that doesn’t just come naturally. If takes time, and a lot of pain to figure some of this stuff out.

How to do it quickly, plus keep her coming back (no pun intended) multiple times, is taught in the hallowed pages of King’s Code.

Learn more about it here:

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