Why Eastern European families are richer than Americans



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Recently got this ‘ol question…

Hi, I just stumbled across your website and I’m confused by a few things and wondered if you could answer a couple of questions if that’s possible.

I dont dispute any of the numbers you have put up here as you’re on the ground and so will know these things.

Anyway the thing I’m confused about is if the average Ukrainian salary is say £350 a month, how is the average Ukrainian actually able to afford to live, especially when you look at those apartment costs?! Now I know you said that was what a foreigner pays, but even so! How is that even feasible for the average Ukrainian? Thanks man.

The thing is, people live much, much more modestly out here than they do in the States.

It’s not uncommon for families to own two apartments, one they live in, and one they rent out. And both partners often work, so that’s $400 or so a month, plus a few hundred in rental income.

Everything in the house is paid off.

There’s no TV, appliances, or anything else on a credit card payment. The car, if there is one, is likely paid off. Eating out is considered to be a general luxury, not a weekly or bi-weekly occurrence.

The only real expenses are utilities in the winter when the heating can be expensive ($100-$200).

But other than that, I’d wager your average Eastern European (older) couple is saving a solid 80% of their income overall.

That makes for at least a decent life in many cases…you know, just a bit of responsibility goes a long way.

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