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A reader wrote in to ask about my newest book (which, is admittedly, pretty old, but hush hush).



I have been reading your articles on Return of Kings (ROK) blog . I want to know does your book, Kings Code how to build a harem beneficial to someone who is married ?  as a married man does paying for escorts a more discreet way than trying to build a harem ?


Well, that’s a loaded gun just handed right to me, isn’t it?

I think the overall concept and foundations in King’s Code might be beneficial. Meaning, it would teach you how to handle some aspects of your marriage, and how to perhaps sway things more in your favor (in many ways).

If you applied the lessons from the book I have no doubt your marriage or LTR would improve.

With that being said, discretion is always going to be really, really tough. There are parts that talk about being discrete (don’t ask, don’t tell), but for the most part it doesn’t teach you how to “get away with it”, so to speak. And, if you’re married, you’re always going to be at the mercy of a harem girl.

And again, the book isn’t tailored towards married men. It’s more about how to date the girls you really want, and as many of them as you can handle.

Minus the whole commitment-schmitment thing.

As far as escorts, it’s obviously way more discrete but also eliminates any fun of the “chase” and game, which is half the fun when it comes to having sex with new girls — if not more.

In any case, this reader (and you), are more than welcome to try out everything inside the book for 30 days.

If it doesn’t get you the dating results you want, it’s on me.

Details here:


Keep causing Trouble,

Kyle Trouble

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