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I’m slowly, slowly, slowly, but surely! getting close to finalizing a purchase for two apartments here in Ukraine.

I tell you, it has been a long road…

Between the language, vetting a new construction builder, the language, contracts, lawyers, the language, plus the fact that it is Eastern Europe, it’s been a very long road.

Now, I’m close to the finish line though.

I anticipate I will be hitting “SEND” on this wire transfer as early as tonight, and I tell you, I’m not sure there will be a more proud and also terrifying moment in my life.

But, I tell you, there’s so much opportunity to do things like this almost anywhere in the world…

Provided you truly have an interest in the place, have an interest in maybe living there, and really like the culture. It would never, ever make sense to buy real estate in a place that you didn’t at least have an interest it. That seems like a surefire way to make yourself miserable, even if the profits are good. But really, if you hate the heat of Southeast Asia, does it make sense to invest in Vietnam, even though there’s tons of opportunities there?

Makes sense financially, perhaps.

And maybe that’s all that matters.

But as soon as you have any problems with the place, you’d bound to feel even more hatred in your belly.

Anywho, back on point:


And, I’ll be sharing the full stories and process on TODAY’s LIVE call for members of “Actually Abroad”.

It’s at 2pm EST, and there will be a replay available, but, yes, you must obviously be a member to get it.

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