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The ones you should and shouldn’t date

In recent days, I’ve posted a few “controversial” lists about the type of women men should date.

It started with:

Don’t date:

* Feminists

* Marxists

* Socialists

* Communists

* BLMists

* Fatties

* Vegans

And then also became…

Don’t date female:

* Doctors

* Lawyers

* Activists

* HR Managers

* Actually any HR position

But you know what, it got me thinking…

Dating a doctor or lawyer in a country like Russia, or Ukraine?

Probably not so bad.

There’s plenty of attractive, yet still feminine, businesswomen out in these sorts of countries. Some are very sharp and accomplished, and yet manage to do so without being a grade-A coont.

How they do this?

It’s so simple I could cry.

Their nation has not destroyed the general family value, as well as the value that men and women each individually bring to this family unit. Because most countries actually are not diverse shitholes, but instead are homogenous societies that value their genes being moved forward. Look no further than the maternity leave options given to new mothers in a country like the Czech Republic to see this (4 years with partial pay + a guaranteed job!).

Until the West is willing to promote people having kids and giving them a good chance at life…

I’m afraid that it won’t get better.

To join the crew of men who have moved abroad and found better, join “The Insurgent Alliance” at the link below.


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