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States really need to start implementing a mandatory no-voting period when someone moves to a new state.

5 years minimum. 10 would be better

Everywhere good will be ruined by the insane asylum escaping to the promised lands.

You have to protect yourself.

Here’s why…

Many places are going to suffer in the coming years. People lack the self-awareness to admit their mistakes. It will cause many Conservative places to shift.

This is the goal, of course.

The complete and utter destruction of the “old and normal” way of living, all slammed through to the Woke New World, complete with digital currencies and everything else to control citizens as much as possible.

Now, is there anything you can do?

Thankfully, plenty.

1. Have A Plan B

Get a residence somewhere. That way you have the “right” to be somewhere. A passport is preferable.

Plenty of ways to get both of these.

Bloodline. Birth of a child. Citizenship by investments. Lots of options (leave a comment if you have a question).

2. Build Side Income Streams

Your job may not be there forever. If SHTF, people will cut jobs, and quickly. 

Build a small online business which will help you weather any storms. Plus, it will give you the freedom to move if needed.

3. Have A Bug-Out Plan

Draw the lines in the sand where you’re going to leave, or going to make a move. When those lines are crossed, don’t hesitate to stick to your plan.

Assume things will be chaotic if food shortages and inflation continue to become problems.

4. Buy Crypto

Yes, it’s regulated. At the end of the day though, if you own the keys you can’t just be “shut off”.

Look at what happened to the Canadian truckers…

One click of a button and POOF their life savings can be gone in an instant. You own the keys, you own the coins.

5. Find Like-Minded People

Just being here on Gab puts you way ahead of the curve. 

Try to also find like-minded people in your town, on your street, or in your community. Get to know them. Network with them. Build trust.

You never know when you might need it.

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