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Women look for protection and provision.

Men look for youth, beauty, and femininity.

You can wrap relationships around lovey words all you want.

At the end of the day it’s simply a trade.

Disney and our culture at large would have us believe that it’s some giant, beautiful, thing…but it’s really not. The feelings you feel for a girl start out usually as lust (that’s the biology telling you to reproduce for the sake of species’ survival). 

And eventually, the bonding “love” feeling – which is nowhere near as intense as movies would have you believe – is so that you can be bonded together and have the capacity to actually raise those children in a decent environment.

I think this is a huge problem.

Because too much Disney, too much Westernization, and girls just have an unrealistic expectation for what love actually is.

Does that make sense?

They expect to have this intense rush of feeling for their entire lives…

And the reality is, we’re simply not wired that way.

Basically, relationships never live up to the movie hype.

Kinda like how movies are never as good as the books.

Basically, expectations are unrealistic, and it’s really not the fault of girls, but…

There are parts in the world, where relationships are seen as more “transactional”. I don’t think this is a bad thing. Things are more realistic for everyone. Girls know what they should bring to the table, as do the men. Everyone plays a more traditional role, and nobody faults each other for getting the best deal they possibly can.


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  1. Hi there,
    the link to the book doesn’t work 🙁
    Thanks anyway for your open words in an increasingly irrational world (which demonizes whiteness in general, and the proverbial old white men aka boomers, in particular)

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