Weekly Wrap: March 20th

Another week has come and gone. Spring has started to creep into Eastern Europe. I actually had about four days of sun last week, so that was nice. I’m starting to get into a great working routine, and the results are definitely paying off.

This upcoming week, I’ll be partaking in a challenge of my own design: build a niche website in 1 day.

Not to full completion, I admit. But I plan to install WordPress, put the design in, and then write somewhere between 12 and 15 posts for it. It’ll be a nice little money-making machine for just a day of work. When you think about it that way, making money on the web doesn’t have to be impossible…

…does it?

Some might ask why I do that instead of building This Is Trouble even faster. The truth is because you can only grow a brand so fast. I could spend all day on Twitter, tweeting and “building a brand”—but I frankly think that doesn’t work apart from a select few. That, and I hate social media overall. Some people tweet more in a week than I do in a year.

Not for me.

Look forward to that challenge this week—I also go into more details about it in the following videos (make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel here):

So what happened in Troubleland this week?

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