Weekly Wrap: April 3rd

Another week, and now month—gone.

March was my best month ever for business, and a few other projects I think are about to hit the tipping point very, very soon. Which reminds me…

If you want to start the “generic” blog and go that route—guess what—you’re writing for free. At least for a while.

I’m tired of people coming at me for advice and when said is “Well, write 100 posts then maybe you can talk about releasing a paid product.”—it never ends well.

There are too many people selling something out there.

If you have a $10 eBook but only have 10 posts on your site—why would someone ever buy from you? They’re simply not going to. You’re seen as another marketing, spammy, internet huckster. That’s bad for business.

Plus, if you can’t churn out 100 posts you don’t have much of a business writing a book anyways.

Types of Tequila makes a comeback this week.

My first niche site was going to die, but I decided to breathe a little life in it….

In the form of AdWords 🙂

I made a quick font logo, added a resource page on margarita machines, and threw the ads on there. Let’s see what happens. I wrote a new post, too (below).

This Is Trouble

Eastern European Travel

Types of Tequila


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