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Rules don’t matter during a war.

Conventions don’t matter in a war.

Rules of engagement don’t matter during a war.

All of these are mere words that go out the window as soon as the first bullet is fired. 

Here’s the thing:

Whether you’ve realized it or not, we pretty much already have been at war for several years now as a species. We are in a war on our hearts, spirits, mind, and souls  with the “globalists” who want to take away as many freedoms as possible.

And in this war, just like a conventional war, none of the feelings or rules matter.

The one and only rule is that there are no rules.

It is really that simple.

Which is why, if you also play by the rules — be a good boy at your 9-5, save money in your 401k, marry and put up with as much as needed from your wife as possible to be a good husband…blah, blah, blah…it never ends, does it?

You have to set your own rules.

And break theirs.

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