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My friend Craig on Twitter recently said:


“The government gives nothing for free. It always takes its pound of flesh in the form of consolidation of power and never gives it back.

Never cede your freedom. It’s never worth it. Never.”


I mean…

What does the government “give” us, anyways?

If you took all the “services” they “provide” (this email will be full of these “mock-quotations” and offered them out in a fair, private-sector-bid type of setting…

Are you telling me the private sector wouldn’t do better?

If we had a way to vote on the Blockchain as to which company gets to build our roads and highways, you don’t think these private companies could do a better job than the government?

Allow me to tell you a story.

I grew up in Northern California, but went to school down in San Diego. After school and working down there for a bit, I then moved to Los Angeles.

The point is, for my entire adult life until I moved to Europe, I was subjected to the Interstate-5 hell that is the Santa Clarita, California area. It’s the bridge between Los Angeles and “The Grapevine”, the highway that runs between the mountains that basically connects Central and Southern California.

Throughout the 6 years I lived in the Southern California region, there was always this stretch of highway that was absolute hell.

The overpasses, underpasses, and general chaos of all these different freeways in the Santa Clarita area (I-5, 14, 201, and a few others…can’t possibly remember them all).

Every year there was “something” going on with the “projects” that made them “delayed”.

Even when I drove that route in 2017, so nearly 10 years after I first went to school in San Diego…

It was an absolute mess.

You’re telling me that if a private, for-profit company got their hands on all the funds the gubmint spent…they wouldn’t have done a better job?

I’d wager that 99 times out of 100 the private company would whoop the ass of the gubmint.


This is just to illustrate, that you should not listen to the “experts” that the governments have claimed.

You should always think for yourself, develop your own plan and backups, and be prepared to go on your own without any dependence on the government whatsoever.

This is why I’ve created:

“AMA Emails”

For just a small monthly fee, you can have unlimited email access to me.

That’s right.


If you’re a subscriber, just send me an email. Anytime, any day, any place. You’ll get a response within 24 hours.

If you need help with anything I’m qualified to help with, I’ll help you.

Build your own autonomy, life, and more without having strings attached to anyone but yourself.

I’ll help you get there.

Here’s the link to learn more:


Kyle Trouble

PS: It’s worth noting, this is the first time I’ve done an offer like this. Truthfully, I have no idea how well it will do, or how the volume of emails will turn out. 

Therefore, this offer is only good until 11:59pm on January 2nd, 2022.

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