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The above photo has been floating around the internet in the past few days.

Supposedly it’s Manhattan, Chelsea area (which is a pretty nice area for the most part, I believe). I mean…this doesn’t look like New York. This is much more like a Brazilian favela slum…

So, I mean, let’s assume it’s true.

This is just crazy.

Absolutely crazy.

These kind of mass exoduses from cities, and this kind of just slum-living, this doesn’t just go away with the snap of a finger. They can’t just magically fix this problem with printing more money, or even getting a new mayor and government into place. It’s not so simple. It’s easier to just make good choices and maintain things than letting things get out of hand and requiring major fixes.

Kind of like losing weight.

Easier to keep it off than to lose it.

Absolutely same concept applies here.

It’s sad as shit to see America’s cities going this way, but what are most of us going to do?

The answer, sadly, is nothing.

We really can’t.

All we can do is live the best life that we can possibly live, and go on about our lives while trying our best to get out of the broken system that is the West.

I turned 29 last Friday, and to see how different things are than a decade ago is nothing short of eye-opening for me. When I went to college in 2009, in San Diego, even that city wasn’t totally overrun, despite being a border town. Only Chula Vista, affectionately dubbed “Chulajuana” was really full of immigrants. And sure, there were some bad places, such as “El Barrio” in downtown, but…this photo. This is something else.

I’m sad to see it go this way, but I also sometimes feel a bit redeemed because I’ve been saying this is where Socialism leads for many years now.


If you’re looking to get out of this system, and to build a better life for yourself.

Learn how here.

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