There’s almost nowhere left in the world this is possible



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A good friend from Prague, who is a Ukrainian local, is here visiting for the holidays.

He has a new apartment he bought (for an investment, plans to sell), so he and I drove over there today to check it out. His is a lot further along than mine is, it’s actually complete and nearly ready to begin the inside renovation process.

His complex, on the other hand, is only about 3/5’s of the way built.

And, there’s still a ton of apartments available…

Including some pretty nice 3-bedroom ones with river views.

They’re going for over $150,000.

Which got me thinking:

How many places are left in the world where you can get that kind of view for that kind of price? Honestly, it’s not many.

Which is why I pulled the trigger on mine a few months ago.

My three-bedroom place will have a panoramic view (head to floor windows baby) of the river from 3 different sides. And really, that was a big selling point for me. I work at home. It’s nice to have a good view and some good light when you’re doing that. And really, there aren’t many places left in the world where anything like that is remotely possible.

Certainly, you aren’t getting oceanfront property in California for that price…

It just goes to show…

Abroad is where it’s at.

Hence, me thinks it’s a great idea to get inside of “Actually Abroad”, and talk to some of us who have actually done something as big as purchase real estate in a foreign country. What’s more, I’m working on an extensive piece about real estate in Ukraine for a member who is looking to make that leap soon, too.

Here’s the link to subscribe, and I hope you had a Merry Christmas (and fuck the “happy holidays” saying…).

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There’s almost nowhere left in the world this is possible

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