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A reader recently wrote a comment on an old article and asked:

​”Kyle, if you were to give advice to your 21 year old self- any advice whatsoever that you found to be vitally important to your current self- what would you say? This is coming from a 21 year old guy currently studying in university. Thanks!”

My response was basically, “Well…I’d start by reading this blog cover to cover…”

But after sleeping on it, my thoughts on this changed greatly.

My advice would be:

“Ask questions at the opportune times, and make sure those questions count.”

For example:

He could have asked me ANY question about any specific thing, and I would have given him an answer (I always respond to comments on my site). Instead, that question was wasted because he could have probably found the answer himself littered throughout my blog.

Not that his question was “bad”, per se – but he could have gotten great advice if he’d asked the right question. Instead, he didn’t even give me that opportunity because his question was so generic in nature.

Do you understand what I’m saying?

Ask the right questions and there is no limit to how far someone might go to help you. I know this because I’ve utilized it MANY times in my life with my own mentors.

Modern schools like to say there are no such thing as dumb questions, but I fully disagree.

Ask dumb ones at your own peril.

Or, book a call with me and then you have plenty of time to ask whatever you like:

​Keep causing Trouble,


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