The trip to California was great…until I got to California

My journey from Eastern Europe to California was great…until I got to California.

Los Angeles border security (not the agents but the “greeters”) are idiots.

2 hours for citizens?


Southwest lost my bags on a one-hour hopper flight (that left early!). Then the independent and empowered woman at the customer service counter decided to ignore me and address my girl when I triggered her (all I wanted to know was if they’d reimburse $50 if I went and bought a couple necessities).

Answer = no.

Not the money, it’s principle.
Anyways, before this turns into a woe-is-me message, I speaketh of this simply because the one thing I’ve always preferred about the US is the fact that the customer service is superior to Eastern Europe.

But now:

is that changing?

I don’t know. Mr. Grinchly Trouble is a bit perturbed by the situation. Seems America is hell bent on returning to Communism, and i can tell you from first-hand experiences – those commy-cuntries are sure as hell not built on customer service.

The truth is this:

You might, at one point or another, want that option to “escape”. When I landed in LA last night it felt far more third-world than most of the countries I’ve been this year.

So naturally, the steps to escape…

You need the moola.

You need the drive.

I can help with both.

Details here:

Keep causing Trouble,

Kyle Trouble

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