The secret to passing the nuclear sh*t test



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Anthony Johnson, founder of the 21 Convention, recently tweeted:

“To be perfectly honest, in 29 years of life I’ve never seen a woman exercise deep, rational control over her own future with men. Not even once. Women are truly at the mercy of what gets them tingling, 10x stronger than the “men thinking with their other head” narrative.”

It made me chuckle.

Because, yes, us men are often crucified for thinking with our small head. Every sitcom-soccer-dad-ape is accused of being a horndog simply for being a man who enjoys looking at pretty women.

The first time his wifey catches him checking out the bootay of another chick, he’s done for. Crucified.

Sue him, he’s a man.

But, what if I told you that you could easily avoid this? And even have your chick checking out other chicks with you?

Even more:

What if I told you it’s not that hard?

That the only thing you have to do is pass one simple test the first time the issue comes up, and then maybe once in a while have to re-pass that same test. Once you smash this test out of the park, your street cred is established.

You can look all you want.

And she’ll even look with ya (hopefully she has good taste as well).

You’re free to enjoy the pleasures of life such as a girl with a nice bootay.

And she won’t get her panties in a wad about it.

In any case, I give an example of this nuclear test, and how to destroy it, in my book “King’s Code”. Flip to chapter 8 to see how it’s done.

Details here:

Keep causing Trouble,

Kyle Trouble

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