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I walk 12-15k steps in Europe every day with no effort. In California now. Can barely get 10k. 

Adds up quick in Europe:

– 2-3k to walk dog and get coffee in morning 

– 3.5k to gym 

– 3.5k back home 

– 1-2k dog afternoon or evening walk 

– 3-5k walk to cafe or dinner

I have to say, since I’ve been back here in America, I definitely feel worse physically. It’s all about not moving. I have to drive just about everywhere I go. Including the gym. There’s just no reason to walk except just for the sake of actually going for a walk (which I do every day, but still doesn’t make up for the day-to-day in Europe).

Why do I tell you this?

Because I’m a big believer in walking for general health.

What’s more, I think it makes an even larger difference for women and men.

Simply put, if women walk on average 10,000 steps or so a day, and don’t eat like pigs, even if they don’t exercise…they tend to be of a reasonable weight. That’s why European girls, with their walkable-designed-for-hooman-cities are, on average, so much thinner than American girls.

Now, there’s more.

Lots more.

In many European, Latin American, and Asian cultures, the females are not trained that “all men are so so so bad”. 

Simply put, they like and admire men.

They WANT men and women to get along.

Their default setting is not “hostile”.

And that, my little troubles, makes all the difference in the world for men.

Which is why I can’t recommend dating foreign girls enough, even living abroad if you’ve got the stomach for it.

Hence, this weekend, I’ve put my old “Dating Abroad Podcast” archives on sale for over 70% off the normal value.

Slide in here by Sunday night to get it while the gettins good:

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