The Reality of Selling on the Internet

I’m aware of something: I’d probably be a lot more rich if I hadn’t stuck with This Is Trouble.

Because that’s a tough market to hit.

If I’d continued for the last year pouring all the time I have into Trouble into smaller niche sites, focused on selling, instead—I probably would have more money in my pocket.

But it also came down to me wanting an authority site that had a brand.

I’m not sure which will be more profitable, long-term. At least on Trouble though, I get to write about whatever I want and it’s essentially “work”. I have a lot more freedom.

If you’re a freelance writer in a past life, you might find it far easier to stomach writing about topics you don’t care about. My tequila site is a good example of that one.

It’s very possible I would have made more money because I would have built sites around niches that I knew would be profitable—or at least had a good chance.

I don’t kid myself though. I wouldn’t be having as much fun with it, that I’m sure of.

Trouble is who I am.

What do you think of the pros and cons of a big blog versus a smaller army of niche sites?


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