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Saw this the other day and it definitely resonated with me.

Via @drjamesdinic 

Modern mistakes of nutrition

1. Blaming salt for what sugar did

2. Blaming fat for what sugar did

3. Blaming butter for what margarine did

4. Blaming cholesterol for what inflammation did

5. Blaming eggs for what toast did

6. Blaming bacon for what cereal did

When I first started living in Eastern Europe a few years ago, I made an effort to eat (hold your breath) McDonald’s before I’d go to EE, or before I’d go back home. Then, I’d get McDonalds either back home or when I got to EE. The reason? To compare the tastes.

And, the kicker that might surprise you…

The American ones always seemed a little bit tastier, little bit better, and I was craving them a little bit more after.


I have a couple of Ukrainian friends who always ask for M&Ms when myself or one of my family is coming to Ukraine from America.

They don’t want any fancy M&Ms like peanut, crispy, almond, etc…


They want plain and normal M&Ms from America. Which, of course, are 100% available in Ukraine.

Reason why?

The American ones are tastier, they say…

I’ve got no idea if this is true or not. Nor will I bother checking the bags to see if there are different ingredients. But, it’s very telling that they even think this. It’s no secret that many ingredients that are 100% allowed in the USA are not allowed in other countries. Quite a lot of ‘em, troubling.

Let’s press on:

The average American is blissfuly naive of the ingredients in M&Ms and McDonald’s.

But even more so, average Americans are programmed to consume JUNK in order to maximize the profits of what I’ve dubbed “Big Cereal” — they’re of the same mold as good ‘ol Big Pharma.

Basically, Big Cereal is a scam…

Substituting good, nutritious things (like eggs) with processed crap (like cereal).

It all boils down to this:

You see this everywhere in America, it’s why Americans are so damn fat, and it’s ultimately the real “pandemic”.

Which is why girls in other parts of the world, frankly, are usually much more attractive than American girls.

Add in a nice, feminine attitude and other aspects, and it’s no wonder more and more men are looking to get abroad.

To celebrate my return of writing, and to spread a little “hoe hoe hoe” (ha) cheer, I’ve put “The Dating Abroad Podcast” archives on sale through this Sunday at midnight PST.

After that, you’ll be stuck munching Big Cereal’s products and navigating around the fat rolls of American women.

To get it before the ever-pressing deadline, click here:

Kyle Trouble

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