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We live in a time where girls have more sexual freedom and choices than EVER before. And that’s a scary thought – because as I’ve said mucho times before, girls live in the moment.

That moment, right then, right there.

No disregard for human life other than themselves in that very second.

Cruel, yes. Just reality.

So what happens when you have a girl you kinda dig, but she has too many options?

Even if you’re just dating casually. If you have the slightest whiff of the feels, and you find out she’s also seeing another guy…you’re going to feel down in the dumps.

Or, if you’re not exclusive, and you’re out with her and another guy hits on her, and she starts talking to him and touching him…it burns, too.

This can happen without any warning, even if you’ve done nothing “wrong”. And there’s very little that you can do *in that moment* about it. Welcome to 2018.

Because if you OVERREACT and do something, you’ll seem even more petty and jealous. Which then means that – surprise, surprise – she’s going to have less respect for you. And we know when a woman loses respect for a man, that relationship (no matter how casual or uncasual it is) – OVER.

I know that feeling.

That dropping feeling in your stomach that’s just like being sucker-punched when you see a girl you’re giving the D to touching another guy, even if it’s just a brush on the forearm.

The solution?

Is to take PREVENTATIVE ACTION before making a REACTION. If you never get in the situation in the first place, you won’t have to stomach the punch in the gut.

You do that by becoming a high-value man who has lots of girls himself. That way, instead of her brushing up with that guy in the club, she’s instead latching herself on to you because she’s worried you’re going to abandon her for someone hotter that night.

This’ll make her spin and fall even more in love with you so she’s beggin’ for that commitment instead of you twiddling your thumbs and wondering how to deal with your jealousy.

It’s the most powerful tool in existence that men can employ in this modern (weird) age of dating.

You’ll be fighting girls off with swords because they all want your attention.

Instead of *wanting* to fight another dude for that forearm brush move he just put on ‘yo girl’.

In any case, The Harem Handbook is the ultimate weapon arsenal. And you can try it without risk with my 30-day money back guarantee:

Kyle Trouble

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