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If you haven’t flipped on the news recently, there’s a new deadly virus outbreak in China in the city of Wuhan.

It’s bad enough that the Chinese government has even taken the initiative of shutting down all public transit (including the airport).

First things first:

For them to take that step, shows that obviously, it’s somewhat serious in nature.

Second things second:

You can always expect governments, especially one like China’s, to paint themselves in the best light possible. It’s ironic, isn’t it? Countries where the governments have complete and total power (such as China, such as the Former Soviet Union), the government is still incredibly concerned about what it’s public perception is, despite the fact that they are the only regime. Whereas a country like the United States, the Donald shows no hesitation to get on Twitter and blast whatever happens to be on his mind that day.

Lots of marketing lessons in that actually, but that’s another lesson for another day.

The thing is:

In the case of this new outbreak in China, if they’ve gone as far as to shut the city’s incoming and outgoing transit down…

It’s actually probably really, really serious.

And, I’d also reckon that what you see on the news is not the whole story either.

It’s all about controlling the narrative…

Because the narrative is what keeps people in power.

And we all know, power is the most powerful drug in the world.

The whole point of this email, really…

Don’t believe what you read on the internet.

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Here’s where:


I still distinctly remember reading The Hot Zone in 6th grade, and thinking about how interesting it was to learn about outbreaks.

Nearly 20 years later, that’s still sticking around in my head.

Pick up a copy here.

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