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I’ll just let this one speak for itself…

hi. i came across this in discussing “how to dominate women” … right now im in prison and getting ready to be released within the next few months. is there any way i can get more information/articles on this subject? thank you… [name]


They need some better internet filters in prison. You’re telling me that China blocks Facebook and all the social media sites, but this guy here can browse Trouble from his prison-appointed Chromebook?

(Totally joking about the Chromebook…I think.)


He’s browsing my article about how to dominate a woman and own her soul.

Again, from prison.

Where he currently resides — for who knows what.

Now, the funny thing is that this guy will be absolutely catnip to girls when he gets out of prison. I doubt he needs my advice to have the girls lining up for him and his bad-boy charms.

In fact:

There’s actually websites dedicated to this, where girls can communicate with their fantasy con-boys, writing them letters and whatnot.

Somehow, this is allowed.

Just goes to show that the nice guys do always finish last and the bad boys get the last laugh.

To become one of the bad boys (but avoid prison in the process), go and get my book:

Keep causing Trouble,

Kyle Trouble

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