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When Western-feminist-harpies hate on men for going abroad to meet better and hotter girls, it makes me chuckle.


I have an unpopular opinion.

Some of them, actually – many – are right.

Many times, these girls (plenty fat and ugly themselves), call men pathetic for going abroad. They say it’s ‘cuz men can’t get a “real woman” in the West, so they have to resort to finding gold diggers in foreign countries.

My take:

If you are going abroad to meet girls, but you haven’t tried for genuine success in the West…you are trying to take the chicken-shit, easy way out.

If you didn’t have success, that’s fine. But you had to at least try.

Or, you had success, but realized the results weren’t really worth the labor.

But if you didn’t even try, sorry – you don’t deserve a nice foreign girl. Plus, she’ll likely eat you alive once she figures you out.


Because that’s an iffy foundation to build your relationship on. One where you “ran away” from your problems instead of facing them head on.

There is a stark difference between running away because you didn’t have the balls to try…

…versus just leaving because you don’t want to try, whilst never leaving your keyboard.

Unpopular opinion? Yes, I’m sure of it.


If you want to get abroad and meet these better girls, you’ll have to build a business.

The alternative is working for $300/month at some shitty foreign company. No thanks.

It’s going to take work and there are no shortcuts.

It takes balls.

But if you want to learn more about how I’ve done it, go here.

Closing down November 1st.


Kyle of UkraineLiving

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