The Last Lifeboat Off The Sinking Ship



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Please scan your chip to enter the grocery store.

No chip?

You are a threat to national health and security.

Please proceed down the hall to be implanted.

Otherwise, starve.

If I had written this email a year ago, or hell, even six months ago, you would have thought I was absolutely nuts.

What’s scary is that normal people wouldn’t even say this is far-fetched now, and what’s worse, is that they’d probably even welcome it…

Freedom is something that must constantly be fought for.

And if you have life too easy for too long, people tend to give up those freedoms for the sake of convenience and ease. Empires all fall.

It’s very possible that the recent scamdemic has kicked the fall of the West off, or poured gas on the fire of the flames engulfing our countries, culture, language, and more.

It’s personally why I left nearly 5 years ago and have not looked back.

And why many people are now doing the same.

Here’s the kicker that might surprise you:

While Americans are “welcome” almost anywhere right now — that probably won’t be the case in a few years. Think about it. As more and more people flee the West, do you think the red carpet will keep being rolled out for foreigners? No, people will realize the baggage they bring, they won’t need the influx of foreign money anymore, and eventually, it will just be the long-term expats (i.e. the ones here and there now) that are welcomed.

That time might come sooner than you think.

And I don’t mean to fear-monger.

This is just how I feel, and I’ve been pretty far ahead of all this for many years now…

Which is why I created my recent product.

To help people like you get out of the Western world and build a plan to find a better life.

Because eventually?

It WILL be too late.

I can’t tell you that time will be in 1 year, 5, or 10…

But I can tell you that the day will come.

And you do not want to be the last person on the ship when it happens, when all the life rafts (i.e. foreign countries) are full.

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