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Commenter Benson from Mombasa left a comment on one of my articles about Mexico…it’s a doozy.

“Hi my names are Benson from Mombasa Kenya I need a girl from Mexico for sex please anyone interested can send me an imail thank you”

Yes, Benson, I’m sure that’s worked many times in the history of the internet.

Leaving a comment on a random blog post and hoping that some random girl emails you to screw.

Benson is the guy who probably falls for the “Hello, I have received funds from the death of a long lost relative, what is your bank account so I can send you $20 million?”

It seemed that Benson never learned that you have to do the work as a man.

You gotta meet the girls, ask them out, make the moves, and seal the deal.

Only until that’s done, then it flips and they start trying to chase you down and send you email asking for the sexsi-time (for the record, I did have a groupie once from this blog)

Benson didn’t read about how to keep girls around so that even more girls chase you.

Maybe one day Benson will learn how to become the King of Mombasa, but that day is probably not today (unless he was smart and signed up to my email list).

And if he had…

He’d know that King’s Code is $0.99 right now, and that he could get it right here:

Keep causing Trouble,


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