The Kazakhstan Chaos



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It looks like a populace finally got sick of the tyrants. Kazakhstan seems to be overrun, the government has promised to resign, and things overall look pretty uncertain right now.

It’s always the small things isn’t it? 

While I’m sure that it’s somewhat to do with COVID, vaccine requirements, QR-codes, and other restrictions, the real nail in the coffin wasn’t any of those things — it was the price of gas.

For that I say, good riddance.

Expect this to be censored beyond belief. They won’t want citizens of other countries getting any ideas.

Ugly reality – if we want all this COVID shit to end, and the world to be better, a lot of places are gonna have to go through a Kazakhstan-like moment.

ATMs disabled. 

Internet off.

Cell networks gone.


You should be prepared. These types of things happen very quickly (there wasn’t a trickle of this happening on anything mainstream before I woke up this morning). There isn’t much time to react when it does happen.

Just food for thought today.

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The Kazakhstan Chaos

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