The Hills to Die On



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I talk often about the “hill to die on” method the Left uses to attack and the Right uses to “defend”.

Ultimately, it’s why American culture has fallen so far and continues to do so.

Let me explain exactly what I mean with this.

I’ll give at least one, maybe more examples.


– Most people don’t really have a problem with gays.

– Doesn’t bother us, as long as it’s not in our face.

– So, the first step was to get people to stop having an active distaste for gays.

– The next step? Marriage.

– Most reasonable people who are not malicious don’t have a problem with this!

– Humans deserve to live their life how they choose

– So most normal people choose not to die on this hill

– But then…someone also wanted the freedom to choose not to bake a cake for a gay wedding

– People also chose not to die on this hill

– Then, because gays became excepted, transgenders started taking the world by storm

– Started out as “just accept them”

But that quickly became…

– You’re a sexist and transphobic bigot if you don’t want to date a chick who used to have a dick

– A 40/yo man who identifies as a woman can use the bathroom with your 8 year old daughter

– Men can play in women’s sports

– Gender neutral toilets

– Again, no one took a stand on this hill – and again, rightfully so

Again, people didn’t die on this hill and it became relatively accepted…

So that became…

– Drag queen story time with your kindergarteners

– “Cuties” on NetFlix

– The general “pedophiles aren’t sick, it’s just a preference” messaging

We got all the way from…

“Let’s not stone gays” to “Let’s normalize sex with young children” in a span of a decade or so.

All because nobody was willing to die on a hill.

There was always “another battle”, “something better” to focus efforts on.

Well, the hills are gone.

You can take this philosophy and apply it to most parts of society that leftism has touched.

“Women should be allowed to work” turned into a whole generation of women who don’t want kids.

“Two weeks to slow the spread” turned into indefinite lockdown.

“Wear a mask to save lives” became you can’t participate in society unless you’re vax’d.

There is no stopping all of this madness unless good people pick a hill to die on and make a stand on it.

There is no more “maybe consider masks”, or “maybe consider X or Y or Z”.

You are either pro freedom and personal liberty or you are not.

Any other stance is foolish.

“Social distance” became thousands of the very elders we tried to save dying alone with their loved ones at the window.

“Abortion should be legal” turned into posting abortions on social media for clicks.

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