The Great Seattle Socialist Experiment



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Seattle’s wonderful social experiment continues…

“I genuinely don’t understand why we don’t just round up all the white people in CHAZ and put them to work tending the crops, and other such tasks,” responds another CHAZ militant. Things would be far more efficient with a large workforce and it would act as a way of keeping the white menace under control. We can have an armed supervisor to watch over them as they work so there’s no risk of any racist backlash.”

It’s quite ironic that the people who have been complaining about a wall protecting the USA from Mexico now built a wall and want to make people slaves.

Really, ironic.

How does nobody possibly see the hypocrisy in this?

Boggles my mind, how about you?

In other news, everyone’s favorite socialist, AOC, has decided we should start “studying” (why do governments have to study everything instead of just doing, also boggles my mind) about how to go about reparations.

It’s a good thing I dedicated the entire next edition of “Insurgent Confidential” to thoughts about this and everything else going on in the world, so you can best be prepared to weather the storm coming…

Here’s the link to get it before the looming July 1st deadline:

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