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As I was helping my friend do a bit of research for the GoFundMe (I mentioned in yesterday’s post), I was sort of appalled to learn that at one point they charged a 5% fee for any and all donations.

AND, to boot:

They don’t even have their own payment processor!

That’s right, they use the same payment processor as I do for my actual storefront, meaning they charge nearly 3% per transaction.

To me, to be a “donation” type of start-up and to be taking nearly 8% of any and all donations seems a bit extreme.

So much so, that I almost considered literally just throwing up a donation “product” on my store, selling it as much as possible this weekend, and then cashing it out and handing it to the poor girl’s family in cash.

Alas, that brings in all sorts of tax problems, so GoFundMe it is.

Nonetheless, while I respect their need to stay in business, I also personally chose not to “tip” GoFundMe anything when I made my donation.

And, not surisingly, it’s difficult to zero out their “tip”.

But, if you would like to donate to Maria Mykytiuk’s family, who was one of the flight stewardesses on that Ukrainian Airlines flight shot down in Iran last week, but you want to do so without lining the pockets of GoFundMe, you simply look for “other” in the dropdown section on the donation page:

As promised, if you donate, hit reply to this email and I’ll send you over a little something-something for your generosity.

Here’s where:

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The ethics of “donation” companies
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