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A reader wrote a rather lengthy email in to Yours Troubly, with a rather dangerous comments that I think should be clarified for all young men out there.

You’re welcome…


I love your stuff, just like many men who are aware of the change in the nature of Western relationships and who possess some level logic to their intimate relationships do.

Firstly, I absolutely agree with you that one needs to constantly and within reasonable limits play with his (probably hers too?) female partners minds. I mean we all agree that it’s much more of a mind game for them then it is a physical, visual and ‘I can only feel it when I touch it’ game for us.


Well, you have to be really careful with this one.

Because, as men like us with experience know…women like sex.

A lot.

The caveat?

Only good sex.

Whereas a man can enjoy sex just for the sake of sex, even if she’s a dead fish — the deed is still considered done. Even if she’s a fishy participant, dead fish sex is still better than no sex at all. Whereas girls would and will take not having any sex if the alternative is bad sex.


Look at the wives who always have “headaches” for their beta-schlub-American-housedad husbands.

They would literally rather not partake in any sexual activities at all, and be abstinent for months on end. In fact, they go out of their way, actively, every night, to avoid the bad and routine sex that typically befalls marriages.

(“Birthday BJs” don’t count)


The girls who don’t respond to texts after a romp with “1 Minute Mike”.

She might have thought he was hot.

And maybe 1MM has game.

But if he doesn’t “bring it” in the bed, he’s just not gonna hear back from her again.

So yes, much of what gets girls going is absolutely the mental stimulation. But, you still have to bring the hammer when it actually gets down to it.

Failure to do either of these means that you’ll be left with dick in your own hands.

The good news though, is that King’s Code touches on both the mental and physical aspects of this.

Get it here:

Keep causing Trouble,

Kyle Trouble

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