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On the first “Actually Abroad” live call last week, I asked what I could sincerely help you with. The almost unanimous answer I got was…

“Just…how did you do it all, from A to Z?”

Most importantly, I think is understanding WHY you want to get abroad.

And you must also understand that the “why” might also change over time.

You may want to move abroad so you can mow through copious amounts of foreign women, but over time, if you just continue to chase that and only that, it’s a surefire recipe to be really unhappy with yourself.

I’ve always said that putting your faith and trust in women is a fickle thing to do. It’s really fickle to put all of your own self-worth in what women think of you.

Really think about that and process that part, it’s important.


I’ve also come to a very startling realization, that there is a huge difference between HATING WORK and WANTING TO TRAVEL, which a lot of guys get mixed up. Just because you hate your job doesn’t necessarily mean you want to move to a foreign country. It just means you hate your job.

You’re also more likely to have success with girls when you’re abroad.

There’s a very, very specific reason for that.

And, I revealed that reason inside Part #1 of my A-Z guide to getting abroad.

A lot of guys make a crucial mistake when evaluating foreign women, and their own lives, without this crucial, and logical step, that is so obvious once you understand what it is.

It’s inside the members section of “Actually Abroad”, but you’ll have to subscribe before October 31st if you want it.

Here’s the link:


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