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I’m writing this from an extremely busy coffee shop. When I came in, the only table was a table for four, so I grabbed it and spread out.

Begrudgingly, a couple just sat across from me while I try to write some daily emails.

Now, they’re fodder for one…

Because you see, they hardly seem like a couple. She is literally staring down at her phone while he talks to her. They’ve been sitting like this for five minutes. He’s going on and on, and she ‘s sitting and looking like she’s bored to tears.

And now she’s made eye contact with me three separate times, far more than a cursory glance, too.

Now she just picked crumbs off his face. Rolled her eyes at him again.

What a disaster.

Man, I feel like such an evil person writing this while they sit across the table from me.

Alright, time to actually make a point, me thinks:

You want to know how to actually tell a girl who is worth your time — on any level — from one who is not?

You monitor the smartphone usage. I’m amazed at how often I see couples out by themselves, and they’re just playing on the phones. There are times and places, of course, where maybe it’s relevant, but certainly not for an hour or more on end.


Any girl who dared to bring it out on the first date?

Or worse, who can’t get through a first date without needing her phone as a crutch to make conversation?

Man, you know she ain’t worth your time. If she can’t make it through a two-hour drink date without needing to get her phone out and show off her Instagram to you (because she’s basic and has nothing else to talk about)…

Now the table next to us opened up, but they ain’t moving. She’s too busy looking bored and like she’s ready to kill him.

Time to wrap this one up.

If you want to become a man who women look after with a look of desire, and not classic boredom, become the man they want.

You can learn how here or at the link below:

Keep causing Trouble,

Kyle Trouble

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