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On some featured story today, I saw that Kim Kardashian revealed her new kiddo on Instagram, including “it’s” name.

I say “it’s” (I promise I’m not gender-trans-asexual-blahblah-phobic) because I have no idea if it’s a boy or a girl.

The name?


Yes, like the city.

Chicago West is the full name, no idea of the middle name.

Poor kid.

Anyways, I tell this story because I actually learned a fun fact about some Eastern European countries last week. And, I think it’s a law that should probably be enforced in the US, too — that way the Kardashians can’t continue to come up with more stupid names for their kids.

The law is:

You must choose one of the 365 or so names (one for every day of the year) that are already approved by the government. If you want to submit a name that is NOT in that database, you can do so.

Then it will go to some old lady (one person for the whole country!), who will either approve or deny your request.

For the record, the name “Kyle” isn’t on it. So that means that if my parents lived here and wanted to name me that, they’d need a special approval.

“Kyle” would probably be approved no problem—even though nobody out here can pronounce it correctly—they say it like “Kee-lay”.

But the name “Chicago”?

Probably wouldn’t get past the old lady.

In any case, one could argue that this is an archaic law that should be abolished, and smells terribly of the old communist times, but really, when people starting name their kids Chicago, Apple, Pirate, Diezel, or other stupid shit…

Maybe it’s not so bad.

In any case, it’s good to know that parts of the world still have an ounce or two of sanity left in their bones in the form of an old dictatin’ lady.

If you want to get abroad and out of the crazy cuntries, you owe it to yourself to check out “”.

Keep causing Trouble,

KEE-LAY Trouble

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