Taxation by Citizenship = Theft



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I got this question in the DMs yesterday, and it’s worth a longer answer.

Here it is:

“Hey man, in your opinion, what countries are best to live in when it comes to their finance laws? Say you own online businesses, invest in crypto and trade forex, for example.”

My answer, in a nutshell, is that if you’re stuck with an American citizenship and no way to get one that is better or more powerful, you’re really out of luck.

Any country you live in, and do online business in, likely won’t charge you taxes unless you get an actual job in that country.

But the USA will.

They will follow you everywhere, with almost no way out of it unless you choose to renounce your citizenship. Hell, the recent stimulus bill gives the IRS $37 million for “enforcement” of the Trump bucks.

Kinda get what I mean when I said that you can’t escape?

America is literally on the verge of giving up liberties and freedoms for a $1,200 loan…that’s crazy.

So, again, to repeat:

If you are American, there is almost no country that is good for “finance laws” because you are American, and America is by far the worst with their taxation by citizenship.

Until you reach a point where you’re off-shoring stuff in BVI and the likes, there’s not really a good place to “hide away”. You just can’t.

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