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Recently I got this email.

‘Twas in response to one of my emails about why women are being programmed not to want kids, and fertility rates.

Here it is:

“Very interesting point of view. It definitely makes sense. Expands on recent studies that show that in the USA a lot of donor sperm has also dropped in quality and quantity. You can look it up.”

Really not surprising at all, because there’s borderline poison laced in our food everywhere.

Go luck up the list of banned substances that are only and I mean only allowed in the good ‘ol United States of America.

All in the name of profit…good ‘ol Cappytalism.

It’s the reason why if you eat at a chain venue in America, and then go abroad and do the same, you’re likely going to be surprised at just how different things taste. It’s also likely why that while chain venues open abroad for the purposes of branding, they don’t quite line the streets like they do in America, even in large cities. I read recently that Subway closed over 1,000 stores last year, and at one point, at certain spots in Manhattan, they had 10 stores in a one square mile radius.


And while you do see Subway and McDonald’s out here, it’s not that packed in.

Likely because the profits aren’t as high because so many of the things that are packed in our “happy” meals are not allowed in a place like Europe.

Anyways, I go into this, and much more in regards to the health aspects of living abroad, in the member’s only post inside of “Actually Abroad”.

It goes away for good come December 1st though, which is almost faster than it takes to make a happy meal…

Here’s the link, off you go:


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