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Commenter Alex recently chimed in about Southeast Asia on this post

Here’s the comment:

I live in Bangkok. It is a misconception that is it a cheap place. It`s more expensive then most EE capitals (I`m from Bucharest btw) if you want to have a decent life here.


– a decent condo w/ view in central area is min 1000 EUR/M

– street food is cheap sure, but a good (import) steak in a restaurant is ~600 THB (~20 EUR)

– drink in fancy club/sky bar is ~300THB + tip (~10 EUR )

This is not crazy expensive by any means, but it`s not cheap either.. you do however get better value for your money here then in Europe, especially in terms of service.. also there is nothing in a first world class city that you couldn`t find in Bkk (except for fat angry feminists maybe ;)).

And, there are no broke “digital nomads” living here.. they all flock to cheaper places in Thailand like Chiang Mai or the islands.

He’s right, you know.

I thought the same thing about Bangkok. Not that cheap unless you want to eat Pad Thai on the streets every day (or scorpions!). Granted, it’s certainly not expensive for a place with 13 million people and all the luxuries it provides. For reference, I stayed at the Conrad Bangkok, which was a really nice place, click the link to see photos.…


I just wouldn’t be able to do the SEA heat long term. Just not for me. For a week or two it’s fine, but I’ve no desire to deal with 100+ degrees and 100% humidity on a consistent basis.

And though I’m not inclined to jump on the global warming train, it is 55 degrees here in Ukraine and we’re only a week away from Christmas…

However, I’d be more inclined to pick a place like Bangkok than say, Los Angeles, where recently it’s been announced that homeless people can no longer be arrested for bummin’ it out, so the epidemic will only get worse…

Plus, the women.

Women just about everywhere else in the world are more feminine and make better girlfriends.

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In the meantime…

Keep causing trouble,
Kyle Trouble

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