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A while ago, I ran a paid newsletter called the “Trouble Times”, and in one of the first editions I explained a very simple, easy to implement strategy with Cryptocurrency that I thought anyone could make a few hundred dollars with if they timed it right.

Well, behind closed doors, a lot of people said a lot of shit (paraphrased):

“If he’s figured out how to make so much money with Crypto why doesn’t he just keep it to himself? Why is he selling the info?”

The reason is simple.

I never, ever claimed to be a Crypto expert.

My goal, as it always has been, is just to provide good, high-quality content about dating, business, travel, and life abroad.

I saw an opportunity to make easy money a while ago with Crypto, and it’s really as simple as being just slightly-more-educated than normal people.

If new stuff (read: coins) is launching to mainstream people, if you are one step ahead of them, the price is likely to go up once people start coming in. I explained how this had happened to me with Ethereum and Litecoin in 2017, and BAT in 2019.

That was it, in a nutshell.

Join major coin exchanges, watch for new coins, buy them before masses start (doing your due diligence, of course).

That was my whole “Crypto scam” I was selling.

Nor did I ever claim it would make you millions, I clearly stated it was just something to play around with and maybe you could make a few hundred books off a very small investment.

Didn’t stop the scrambulance from whining though.

And, it was all of 4 pages of a nearly 20 page newsletter…


Personally, me thinks for now I’d stay away from the Crypto bloodbath that’s currently taking place, at least until next May when “The Forkening” is happening.

But, if you’re all up in arms about me selling ideas and thoughts like that, I will say — “Actually Abroad” is not for you.

When you reach points in life, information is really valuable, and it’s worth paying a premium for.

So, while I don’t have any “make money” content in this month’s Actually Abroad content, I do have a lot of stuff in there about how I’ve dealt with taxes, banking, and more since moving abroad permanently in 2016.

It won’t work for everyone.

And, it won’t make you rich.

It’s just information you might find helpful, or not.

If that sounds useful to you, head over and subscribe before the looming December 1st deadline, when I’ll permanently erase it for good.

Here’s where to go (and where you can get the specifics):

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