“So how does one actually date a foreign woman?”



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Comes one of those good old questions that I just can’t stand.

So how does one actually date a foreign woman? I’m curious.

I’m going abroad on a mission trip and I’m actually looking for a wife and mother of a child in the future.. not just there but everywhere lol. So if I seen a nice young lady there whose smile caught my eye how would I go about it in the right and gentleman way?

I mean, honestly, how hard is this?

“How do you actually date?”

Look, I get that young man aren’t really taught how to be a man in today’s world, but how hard is it to Google some stuff?

You start dating by at least getting a girl out on a date.

It’s not rocket science.

Open your mouth enough times, talk to enough girls, and eventually you’re bound to find one who takes a fancy to you.

Granted, poor guy is going on a mission trap, so it’s likely he’s been even further brainwashed about how the relations between the sexes actually work.

He’s got all the handicaps of religion, and none of the benefits (i.e. keeping girls in check, and marrying them off to deserving young men to create families with).

Anyways, point is this:

If you are struggling to date, or struggling about how to find good girls in today’s fudged up dating world, you owe it to yourself to join the “Actually Abroad” community.

Here’s the link, but you’ll want to get in before tomorrow night when the October content expires:


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