“She’s the worst women I have dated in my entire life.”



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From a comment on Trouble:

9 Months in a relationship with Colombian woman and she has never said I love you or I miss you she is very cold and showing no feelings to the relationship. 

She is a player for sure she never call me or text messages only if I do it first.

She’s always hungry want to eat outside.

She always on the phone and on Facebook, instagram and or what’s up!

I liked her at first but everything is going down to hell with her. she’s only 24 years old always complaining of being sick and not happy or feeling good. No sexuality or love only when she wants. She’s the drama queen herself. It’s my bad luck with this women. No emotions no feelings or respect to the relationship! 

She’s the worst women I have dated in my entire life.

I mean…

It’s funny how much you can tell about how smart (or not smart) someone is, just from a few words they wrote on the internet. For the record, this entire message came as one massive paragraph, I cleaned it up meself…


“eat outside” = eating out?

“what’s up” = whatsapp?

I mean, maybe I’ll cut the guy some slack if he’s not a native English speaker, but that, combined with the fact that he’s obviously an idiot with this girl is quite telling.

“The worst women I have dated in my entire life.”

…yet, he’s been dating her for nine months.

I tell you what:

The most important thing a man can ever do?

Walk the hell away from bad relationships.

Having been there, done that myself with my first relationship, stomaching some 20 months of blue-balled, BPD-roller-coaster hell, it’s just never worth it to try to “fix” things. If things aren’t easy to begin with, very, very rarely will they ever truly get easier over time. It’s only the men who have no other options that get stuck in these places, so, as usual, the answer is to get more options.

And frankly, I don’t know a better way to do it than go abroad.

Even better:

This month, on February 10th, I’m releasing “Travel Hacking With Hulk”, an audio series I’ve recorded about how to fly around the world for free.

Frankly, me knows no better way to “get more options” than land in a different country with a fresh slate, and a Western passport in your pocket.

It’s the easiest “life hack” you’ll ever get when it comes to girls.

Plus, the girls are…nicer.


Here’s where to get it.

Deadline is February 16th:


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